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Why do we need a medicine for the mitochondria?
Previous research on patients with defects in cellular energy metabolism (mitochondrial diseases) has led to a better understanding of mitochondrial biology in health and disease. The insights gained are of growing importance for physicians of all medical disciplines. They support the understanding to promote the development of rational treatment strategies for diseases or conditions caused by mitochondrial dysfunction.

The classical interventions used so far are useful only in some rare mitochondrial diseases, e.g. in coenzyme Q biosynthesis defects. For this reason, alternative strategies for disturbed energy metabolism must be further developed. New approaches in this direction are nutrition, replacement of vital substances and movement therapies, alternative gene expression and enzyme replacement, capture of potentially toxic substances and modulating cell signaling. The effects of some of these measures have already been tested with humans, while others are still at the cellular research level.

Our tasks in the field of mitochondrial medicine
The mission of the International Society for Regenerative Mitochondrial Medicine is to review the current state of development of mitochondrial treatment strategies and to discuss what action needs to be taken to effectively counteract the huge burden of disease from dysfunctional mitochondria. Our activities support this homepage as a place to exchange and present information about mitochondrial medicine for professionals and those affected. At the same time it serves as a learning platform of our curriculum clinical mitochondrial and environmental medicine. We make every effort to gather more and more information about this forward-looking medicine in order to make this website even more helpful for professionals and those affected.

Mitochondrial Medicine
Here you will find texts and literature suggestions on regenerative mitochondrial medicine and the topic of mitochondriopathy for beginners as well as contributions for advanced users in the topic of mitochondria and specialist circles.
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Clinical mitochondrial medicine and environmental medicine is our in-house curriculum, which has been offered since 2012. Learn about its focus and content, and read experiences from past participants.
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